Spicing Up my Kitchen with Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

Wowza, it’s time to ramp up your Tuesday night with something wildly delicious. Get ready for my mouthwatering (and tear-igniting), Buffalo Chicken Pizza! Yep, you heard that right. I’m tossing tradition out the window and mixing two sensational crowd-pleasers: Buffalo wings and pizza.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get cooking! First off, I fire up my trusty, weather-beaten grill. I like a good char on my chicken for some smoky undertones. Kick the can down the road if you think your pan fried chicken will cut it for this recipe. Trust me, you need your chicken grilled.

Once the grill is nice and hot, I lovingly marinate my chicken breasts in a mixture of red-hot buffalo sauce and a couple of secret spices. Can’t spill the beans on my secret though, where’s the fun in that? Well, actually it’s a dash of garlic powder and a pinch of paprika! The chicken then grills until its juicy and infused with that irresistibly spicy tang.

Next, I work on my pizza dough. Hey, I can’t fly without wings, just like a true Buffalo Chicken Pizza can’t exist without a golden, crispy base. As my dough rises, I cheat a bit by spreading a store-bought marinara on it. I mean, who has the time?

Guess what’s next? Yep, layering on tons of mozzarella cheese. You can never have enough cheese, right? Then comes the heroic buffalo chicken, and into the oven it goes. I have to laugh as I salivate and tummy growls in anticipation.

Out of the oven, it comes, bubbling and singing my name. Here’s the kicker though, I top it off with blue cheese crumbles and fresh celery for crunch. A party in every bite, and oh boy, my tastebuds are doing the tango! Hands down, my Buffalo Chicken Pizza reigns supreme.

So, folks, ready to fire up your taste buds? Let’s get saucy!

Cluck, Pluck, Luck: Your Chicken Masterpiece Awaits!

– Start by heating the grill to medium-high heat.
– While the grill heats, combine boneless, skinless chicken breasts with buffalo sauce, garlic powder, and paprika in a bowl. Make sure the chicken is well-coated.
– Grill the marinated chicken on the heated grill, flipping occasionally until they are cooked through.
– While the chicken is grilling, preheat your oven with a pizza stone in it to 500°F.
– Roll out your pizza dough into a round shape on a piece of parchment paper for easy transfer.
– Spread a thin layer of marinara sauce.
– Sprinkle a generous amount of shredded mozzarella cheese over the top of the sauce.
– When the chicken is done, slice it and spread it evenly across the pizza.
– Transfer the pizza (with the parchment paper) onto the heated pizza stone in the oven.
– Bake for about 10-12 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbling and the crust is golden.
– Carefully remove the pizza from the oven, and sprinkle crumbled blue cheese and chopped celery over the top.
– Let the pizza sit for a few minutes to cool, then slice and enjoy.

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